Oversikt over SOLOLIFT2 WC-3s funksjoner


SOLOLIFT2 WC-3 features overview

The following provides a brief overview of eight of the most essential features of the SOLOLIFT2 WC-3.

Compactness and flexible connectors
Compactness and flexible connectors enable trouble-free replacement of failed products from other brands. Vertical and horizontal adjustable connectors enable adjustment to existing drain pipes. And a flexible and adjustable adaptor for the outlet (extra accessory kit) enables easy connection to the existing discharge pipe.

Your choice of discharge direction
Discharge direction can be selected according to onsite demand – either vertically or horizontally. The discharge bend can rotate 360 degrees in all directions, and the non-return valve is already integrated. This means you stay flexible – even when it comes to replacement.

All main components on 1 unit
All important components are clustered on one compact motor/pump unit. It is fairly easy to disassemble this unit, which is fixed by just four screws, and gain access to the tank for removal of heavy solid matter flushed down the toilet by accident. This means you don’t need to go inside the contaminated tank to disassemble any component – nor perform time-consuming disassembling of the total unit from behind the toilet. Everything stays right in place.

High-performance grinder
It is mainly the grinder that’s responsible for reliable discharge of toilet waste. All SOLOLIFT2 variants with a toilet connection come with a newly designed, high-performance grinder made of hardened stainless steel. This ensures that all types of toilet paper and feminine hygiene products that are – against recommendation - flushed down the toilet are handled without any trouble. At the end of a pump interval the grinder cleans itself.

Submerged coupling for easy disassembly
A flexible, submerged coupling ensures that the motor/pump unit is easily disassembled – even in difficult conditions such as with limited space. Side-gated guides in the tank assist with placement and positioning, which makes servicing the unit clean and easy.

Manual anti-blocking function
All SOLOLIFT2 are equipped with a manual anti-blocking function that can free the grinder in case of occasional blockage by heavy solid matter. Simply remove the screw in the service lid and turn the motor shaft left and right with a screwdriver a few times. In emergency situations, this can enable the homeowner to clear blockage him or herself.

External pressure switch
SOLOLIFT2 variants with a toilet connection come with an externally installed pressure switch for controlling level. This means no movable parts inside the tank. The external positioning of the switch also makes maintenance and servicing easy and clean. Complicated disassembling and access to a contaminated tank is history – just pull out the pressure switch unit for checking and cleaning.

Modular design
The SOLOLIFT2 is modular, with a single compact motor/pump unit fitting all three SOLOLIFT2 variants with a toilet connection. One motor/pump unit is sufficient to repair the lifting station in a few minutes. Simply replace the unit to solve 99% of all possible technical problems.


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